How much is Lipton green tea in Nigeria

So you want to lose weight with green teas in Nigeria so you landed on lipton green tea? So are you equally asking how much is lipton green tea in Nigeria? If so, this article is all you need to answer any question regarding lipton green tea.

lipton green tea very effective for weight loss

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Overview of Lipton weight loss green tea

Lipton green tea is seen as the most used, trusted, guaranteed and the most widely known green tea brand that one can use. It is very great because it is available in almost every where around the globe.

The idea of consuming green tea could be traced back to the early 20s and studies has shown that it all started in China.

Green tea is always extracted from the Camellia sinensis plant, and some contains Garcinia Cambogia extract

It contains epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant that has been proven to be very effective in fighting type 2 diabetes, fighting some dangerous cancers, prevents obesity and also capable of protecting the heart against cardiovascular diseases.

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Lipton green tea is usually packaged in a small rectangular box. As many other Lipton teas, they comes in tea bags and it has a smooth and great taste. Through the years, Lipton green tea has been a proven tea that has really helped it’s cnsumers to burn a very great amount of fats.

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For me Lipton green tea is the right deal. Merely consuming this wonderful tea for two months, have helped me to burn up to 20 pounds” testified Mrs Cecilia Etim, one of the many beneficiaries of this great product.

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Mr Paul Okereke, another beneficiary also testified, “If you are a tea person like me and maybe you are battling obesity or struggling to lose weight, I will gladly recommend Lipton green tea for you. I have tried other brands of teas and lipton green tea happens to be one of the most effective weight loss teas I know. Just of recent that I started consuming this great product, I have seen a drastic change overnight.

These are just few of the many testimonies that the consumers of the Lipton green tea has been sharing. This tea has been proven to be very effective. It works very effectively without any side or adverse effects and another great thing about it is the great taste that it posses.


Firstly, the Lipton green tea is made from the Lipton leaves, which has been proven to contain zero calories. The Lipton finest leaves has also be proven to be very rich in catechins that are capable of slowing down the ageing process and also helps to flush out toxins from the human body.

Secondly, a tea cup of Lipton green tea, rightly served, contains flavonoids, which are very effective for weight loss. Lipton green tea also contains zero amount of carbohydrates and sodium, so it is a very great recipe that one can use for weight loss.

And lastly, the Lipton green tea contains natural relaxants that are capable of helping the body to speed up metabolism and also helps to reduce stress. It is also rich in caffeine which improves fat oxidation and reduces thermogenesis.

After reading all this, I will gladly advise that you go get your pack of Lipton green tea and start consuming it according to the prescription given to you by your doctor.


  1. Boil a glass of clean water

  2. After the water starts boiling, remove it from fire and pour it into a teapot.

  3. Put or add the Lipton green tea bag to the teapot.

  4. Keep it for like 5 minutes.

  5. Shake it very well and you may remove the Lipton green tea bags from the water.

  6. Pour your green tea into a clean glass cup and start drinking it.

If you follow this steps carefully, you will see that it is very simple to prepare a glass of the Lipton green tea. And if you find it difficult to sip the pure green tea, you may as well make use of the flavored green tea, but make sure that you don’t add sugar or any artificial sweetener.


  1. It helps the body to function well through it’s ability to boost metabolism.

  2. It is very effective because it helps to flush out toxins from the body.

  3. It helps to boost the satiety levels in the body.

  4. It helps to re-energize the cells in the body.

  5. It is widely trusted.

  6. It is very simple to prepare.

  7. And it is available everywhere, at a cheap rate.


  1. You can sip the Lipton green tea first thing in the morning, or last thing before you go to bed. But you can also cosume it between meals.

  2. While indulging on the Lipton to lose weight, make sure that you don’t eat foods that contains so much fats and also make sure that you do some exercises.

  3. If in your timetable for weightloss, there is exercise, make sure that you drink the Lipton green tea one hour before the time of your exercise.

  4. The Lipton green tea comes in lightweight rectangular boxes, so it is very easy to carry along. You can carry it to anywhere you are and make sure to drink it diligently for a greater effectiveness.

  5. And lastly, drink about 4 cups of the Lipton green tea daily.


The price of this great, exciting and efficiently product may vary due to the location or the availability of the product at that particular time. But a widely known price for Lipton green tea is about N5,000 only

You see? It is very affordable, but yet very effective. Stop wallowing in that obesity. Stop contemplating on how to lose that weight. Stop wasting time and stop using the wrong products. Purchase a pack of Lipton green tea today, and start taking it diligently. Make it a conscious effort and watch that fats burn out.

As I said earlier, the Lipton green tea has a great and smooth taste but if you still find it difficult to take the pure green tea, you can go for the flavored green tea but make sure that you don’t add any artificial sweeteners to it.

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