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Home remedies for flat tummy and fat lost is one of the most searched terms in the net. Of course every fat person(s) are desperately looking for how to get flat tummy, how belly fats reduce, and every other factors that enhance weight loss goal. But not much knows which way to follow to achieve a certain fit, and posture. So if you are one of the searchers-looking forward to how to lose weight-home remedies for flat tummy in Nigeria. Read this article to the end.

things you can do to get flat tummy at home

For a very long time, belly fat has been a troubling issue to most Nigerians. Belly fat is simply the fat that is accumulated in the abdomen and the stomach and this fat is believed to be very dangerous because a person with excessive belly fat stands at a very high risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver diseases.

Above all the diseases or ailments that you may experience as a result of excessive amount of belly fat, people with pot belly (which is as a result of too much belly fat) can not look attractive in their dressings because the pot belly will always stand out odd no matter how beautiful the dress is.

In Nigeria, a greater number of men has excessive belly fat and as a result they are at a very high risk of having high blood pressure and diabetes. In this article, we are going to deliberate on belly fat, the causes of it, how to get rid of it, and also talk about the natural remedies for flat tummy, ie, what natural foods should we eat, and at which quantities to get flat tummy so that it can enhance our total outlook.

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Home remedies for flat tummy in Nigeria: What is belly fat?

Belly fat as I said earlier is the fat that is seen at the lower part of the abdomen and at the stomach also. Belly fat is very dangerous. It makes one be at a higher risk of getting diabetes, fatty liver disease and high blood pressure. There are two types of belly fat namely the visceral fat (the fat that surrounds an Individual's organ and subcutaneous fat (the fat that is found under the skin).

Home remedies for flat tummy in Nigeria: 


  1. Excessive alcohol: Too much alcohol is dangerous and one of it’s many disadvantages is pot belly. Drinking too much of alcoholic beverages is a major cause of belly fat.

  2. Poor dieting: A bad dieting is also a major cause of belly fat. Foods like soda, junk foods, candies and sugary cakes are the main causes of belly fat.

  3. Lack of adequate sleep: An average adult should sleep at least 8 hours a day and anything less than that is dangerous to our total well-being. Not getting enough sleep is also a major cause of belly fat.

  4. Too much Smoking: Yes! Smoking excessively is one of the causes of excessive belly fat. Though researchers hasn’t arrived at the conclusion yet, it is believed that smoking is also a cause of belly fat.

  5. Too much stress: A study showed that when an Individual is stressed out, his or her appetite increases an they tends to crave for more junk foods which in turn will turn to be dangerous to their bodies. Stress has also been concluded to be a factor that leads to excessive belly fats.

  6. Not Exercising enough: Yeah… Exercising is a great tool for weight loss and keeping your body at the right shape. So if an Individual is not getting enough exercise, he stands a better chance of having excessive amount of belly fat.

  7. Gene: Science has proven that a person’s Gene is also a factor. Gene can influence metabolism and a person’s behavior at large. So it is also a cuase of belly fats.


Belly fat is very dangerous but what can be more dangerous is choosing the wrong pathways to get rid of it. Choosing the wrong pathways to get a flat tummy could be very dangerous as well. Here, we are going to discuss about some safe home remedies for flat tummy. Some of the recipes here will require some patience in the process, but it is totally worth the patience if you really want to get your desired flat tummy.

Below are some proven home remedies for flat tummy;

  1. The use of curry Leaves: Curry leaves helps so much in detoxification and when you have a balanced detoxification, it will result in adequate burning of fats and therefore will reduce your belly fat and helps you to get a flat tummy.

  2. Use of watermelon: Watermelon is very rich in vitamin c which is beneficial to health. It also contains about eighty two percent of water which helps to reduce some unnecessary cravings. It is also a proven recipe for flat tummy

  3. The use of Oats: Oats has been proven to be so filling and it can help you to stay filled for hours. Take oats for for breakfast if you want to have flat tummy fast.

  4. Use of cucumber: Cucumber consists of about Ninety five percent of water and it has very low amount of calories. Consuming cucumber in the right quantities helps you to get a flat tummy.

  5. Use of Avocado pear: The fatty acids contained in avocado helps to burn out belly fat. Avocado is also very rich in fibre which helps to keep you less hungry.

  6. Use of Eggs: Eggs are rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and zinc. These helps to burn the belly fats and heels you to get a flat tummy in a very short period of time.

  7. Use of bananas: Bananas, like many other fruits, will help to increase metabolism and keep you filled for a longer time, thereby reducing your cravings for junk foods. It is very helpful if you want to get a flat tummy.

  8. Drinking enough water: Water has always been known for it’s numerous health benefits. One it’s benfits is that it will help boost digestion and metabolism and thereby cause you to have a flat tummy.

  9. Use of berries: Berries contain enough fibre which helps to reduce your cravings for food. Consume berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries if you want to slim down your tummy.

  10. The use of beans: Beans are very rich in fibre but has very low amount of calories. Consuming beans regularly will help you to have a flat tummy.

This are just ten of the numerous home remedies for flat tummy in Nigeria. Follow this simple recipes carefully and patiently, and I can assure you of a flat tummy in a short period of time.

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