10 best green tea brands for weight loss in Nigeria

Searching for the best weight loss green tea brand in Nigeria?

Then you are in the perfect place because I share not one but 10 of the best green tea brands for weight loss in Nigeria that would help you lose weight.

In our One of our blog post, we revealed 5 best weight loss tablets and Pills in Nigeria.  

In this very article,we are revealing the 10 best green teas in Nigeria you should try for your weight loss routine 

Top 10 Weight-loss green Tea brands in Nigeria

Here are the top green tea brands in no particular order 

1. Highland green Tea


Highland Green tea is one of the best, if not the best green tea you can get in Nigeria because the tea ingredients are grown, freshly processed and packaged in Taraba state here in Nigeria 

Unfortunately, you can mostly find it in stores in the north. 

However, with a little digging, you can get to buy it online if you're not in the north.

           BUY FROM JUMIA

2. Lipton green Tea

Lipton tea (by Unilever Nigeria Plc) needs no formal introduction because it's a household brand in Nigeria. 

However, many people are not aware that Lipton has a green tea package. And one of the best green teas in Nigeria at that. 

The most popular Lipton green tea packages you can buy in stores include Pure Green tea, Green Tea Mandarin Orange and Gunpowder green tea.            BUY FROM JUMIA

3. Twinings pure green tea

Twinings is another popular tea brand from England that has been around for donkey years. You can find a wide range of their teas in Nigeria including the Twinings pure green tea.

The Twinings pure green tea, as the name suggests, is one of the purest green teas you can find in Nigeria. The green tea has no additional flavours. 

4. Legends Green tea

The Legend brand has been around since the 20th century if I'm not mistaking. This brand is starting to gain popularity here in Nigeria. And their green teas are noteworthy. 

The legend green teas come in a variety of flavours including apple flavour, orange flavour, vanilla flavour, honey flavour, Black currant flavour, lemon & ginger flavour and so on.

The green teas are said to be not just beneficial for weight control but also for body cleansing, Lowering Blood Pressure, Alleviating Stress, Boosting Immune System, Lowering Cholesterol and Fighting Free Radicals.                               BUY FROM JUMIA

5. Bigelow Green tea

The Bigelow brand is an old brand that has been in Nigeria for a long time. Bigelow's teas are blended and packaged in Fairfield, California USA. 

Their green tea is also high quality, which comes in different flavours (including the classic plain flavour). The tea is gluten-free and has added antioxidants.               BUY FROM JUMIA

6. Tetley Green tea

Tetley is another popular international tea brand, which has been around since 1837. 

I think after Lipton tea, the next most popular tea brand in Nigeria should be Tetley. 

Anyways, Tetley also has a wide range of green teas including Tetley Green Tea Decaf Pure, Tetley Green Tea Mint, Tetley Green Tea Mango & Passion Fruit, Tetley Super Green Tea Immune Lemon & Honey and so on.

You can easily find some of Tetley green teas to buy on Jumia.                BUY FROM JUMIA

7. Organo Green tea

Organo Green Tea is made by the Organo TM Organic company (formerly known as Organo Gold). 

The Organo green tea has a mild test, even though it has added herbs and other ingredients (like Ganoderma lucidum mushroom)

The company behind the organo green tea is a network marketing company, so you can buy the green tea directly from their independent distributors both offline and online.               BUY FROM JUMIA

8. Longrich Green tea (Xinchang tea)

Longrich is another network marketing Chinese brands in Nigeria that have a wide variety of household products including toothpaste, deodorants, soap, shampoo, mosquito repellant and so on.

Longrich Green Tea (Xinchang Tea) is also one of their most popular product that is said to help with weight loss, piles, urinary disorder, nasal congestion, jaundice and so on. 

You can get the Longrich green tea directly from their independent distributors both offline and online.      BUY FROM JUMIA

9. Loyd Green tea

Loyds is another international tea brand that has been around the blocks. 

They have a variety of green tea blends including green tea with raspberry, green tea with orange & Mandarin, green tea with lemon & lemongrass and so on and so forth.

You can quickly get some of the Loyd green teas on Jumia.        BUY FROM JUMIA

10. Biogenic Chinese Green tea

Biogenic Chinese Green Tea is another popular green tea brand in Nigeria. It is made with not only green tea leaves but has other herbal leaves are added.

That's why it is used for not just weight loss but other health issues including indigestion, high blood sugar, arthritis pain, allergic reactions, cold and flu, just to name a few.

Other Green Tea Brands in Nigeria

Well, if you go on Jumia or konga you'll see hundreds of other types of green tea people are selling in Nigeria. Here a just a few of them ;


1. Qualitea Natural Green tea 

2. Ahmad green tea 

3. Biogenic Chinese Green tea 

4. Mint mystique Green tea 

5. Lords Green tea 

6. Samira Green tea 

7. B&B organic Green tea 

8. Great value Green tea 

9. Sheng Green tea 

10. Ahmad Green tea 

11. My health Green tea 

12. New life Chinese Green tea 

13. Typhoo Green tea 

14. La Bottí Green tea 

15. Super blend Green tea 

16. Evergreen Organic Green tea 

17. Ayusri Lazmi Green tea 

18. Federico mahora Aurole Euphoria Green tea 

19. Avilon Green tea 

20. Brèlio Green tea

 Important Note: Truth About green Tea for Weight Loss

Please note that just drinking green tea alone for weight loss without paying attention to your diet and physical activities is going to be a total waste of your time.

That's the gospel truth. 

Green teas can only help by reducing your appetite and increasing your metabolism a bit. The Majority of your weight loss success will come from your overall diet and physical activity.


I have listed 10 of the best green tea brands in Nigeria you can source for. And also some other less popular ones.

Feel free to explore different green tea brands to find the best for your weight loss and other health benefit needs. And don't forget to follow a good diet and exercise program for the best weight-loss result.

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