9 health benefits of utazi leaf

Utazi is green leaf with bitter taste. It has been since the olden days known for it's various health benefits

Utazi is a common vegetable that has a mildly bitter taste. And is commonly known for enhancing the taste of soups and has numerous health benefits.

It belongs to the family of plants known as Asclepiadaceae and it is widespread in the tropical rainforest of West African countries, such as Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Senegal, etc.

In southern eastern Nigeria where it is commonly grown, It is called Utazi while the Yoruba know it as Arokeke.

health benefits of Utazi leaf.

1. Boosts the immune system

One of the benefits of Utazi leaves is their anti-oxidant properties.

It possesses anti-oxidants that help to fight free radicals in the body that may cause harm to the body’s organs.

The immune system benefits from this as it helps to give it a healthy boost. It does so by enhancing its ability to cure infections and prevent a range of diseases in the body.

And the great part about it is that it’s hundred percent natural and the taste is just great.

2. Acts as a detoxifier


When one does not have an effective detoxification, there is always need for a detoxifier. The utazi leaf is greatly recommended for this because it’s so safe and effective.

Detoxification is a way the liver gets rid of waste substances.

Consumption of Utazi can help to improve the liver overall function, thereby preventing it from overworking.

This can also improve or prevent other liver diseases like hepatitis caused by liver inflammation and also eases intoxication.

For people trying to lose weight by burning down fat and calories,trying utazi with other Nigerian weight loss pills may be helpful.

The health benefits of utazi are just so numerous and it’s ability to act as a detoxifier just adds to it’s great relevance.

3. Relieves pain


Utazi is also used to relieve pain in parts of the body. For example, rubbing Utazi leaves on cuts and bruises can help to significantly reduce the pain from the injury as well as stop the bleeding, if any. It is also used to treat and manage internal pain, like pain in the muscles and joints.

Utazi leaf works perfectly on this. I even have a personal testimony about this as there was once I had a cut in my hand, and when I was struggling to find what I can use to aid the pains and stop the bleeding, my mom quickly used the utazi leaf and it worked so well.


4. Prevents the growth of cancer cells


Utazi leaves may help in the prevention of cancer cell growth in the body. The anti-inflammatory and ant-oxidant property it has is the reason for this.

The extract/juice can help to inhibit the activities of these free radicals from causing diseases and inflammation that can lead to the damage of the DNA which causes cancer.

Have you been thinking of ways to reduce your chances of having cancer, think no more, and make sure that you add the utazi leaf to your soup every time and also do well to consume it’s juice/extracts in great and prescribed quantities.

5. Effective for post-pregnancy treatment


After a woman has given birth, there tends to be a swelling of the stomach and the uterus also needs to be cleansed effectively so as to make sure that the woman has her body in the right shape again.

Utazi is consumed by nursing mothers to counter the effect of pregnancy. It is used to reduce the size of the stomach following delivery, clean the uterus, and also help with weight loss. It also helps restore the body after the period of pregnancy.

6. Lowers blood sugar


In our previous articles, we have been discussing about the need to have a lowered blood sugar level. And among the great vegetables, fruits and even diets that aids this, the utazi leaf is also a great boost when it comes to lowering your blood sugar levels.

Utazi leaves also help in the reduction of the body’s glucose level. This can be a great sign of relief for diabetic patients.

It can help to manage some diabetic symptoms and regulate blood sugar due to its anti-oxidant property.

Many local medicine practitioners use Utazi leaves to produce effective medication for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus.

7. Improves bowel movement


Digestion and constipation should be at the right levels always, as they are important and dangerous at the same time.


Digestion and constipation affect the bowel movement either negatively or positively. There have been testimonies from people who have taken Utazi leaves for this reason.

It is effective in improving digestion, easing, and preventing constipation. It does so by making the stool soft, as passing out hard stool is always a result of constipation.

Also, it helps to improve other related ailments such as diarrhea and stomach cramps.

In fact, the utazi leaf is widely known in the southern part of Nigeria for this particular benefit. And it works so effectively.

8. Acts as a treatment of malaria


Before the introduction of pills and drugs, Utazi has been used in treating malaria. It is either used alone or mixed with other plants to create a potent herb that would remove malaria from the body and help restore good health. Some studies have found out that Utazi leaves have antiplasmodial properties.

And even after pills has been introduced for curing malaria, we can not still write off the potency of utazi leaf in fighting this fast spreading disease. As said above, you can either mix it with other leaves or consume it alone. Either way, it’s very great when it comes to tackling malaria.

9. Treats bacterial infections


The cause of so many infections that many have is bacteria. If we consume meals that are capable of treating or fighting bacterial infections, then we stand a better chance of being less infected.

The anti-bacterial properties in Utazi leaf make it effective for the treatment of bacteria-causing infections such as Staphylococcus aureus (staph).

Not only that, but the utazi leaf has also been proven to contain some important properties which are very strong walls against bacteria in the body.


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