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weight loss exercise and tips to lose weight safely

With this article 'diet tips to lose weight in Nigeria', written by me. You're surer a step away knowing all that are required: the body workouts to lose weight in Nigeria, exercises to lose weight in Nigeria and diet tips to lose weight safely in Nigeria. So have yourself a convenient moment while reading through.

Losing weight is a very challenging task,that requires thorough attention,action,and perhaps, insight tips to help you lose weight faster but safely. It isn't worth arguing that weight loss is easy-as it isn't.Even when you might have managed attain the aim,It would still require same close monitroing and attention.And for achieving that,there are certain measures to undergo;Dietary requirements to know,exercises to embark on.And other useful tips to lose weight...All included in this weight loss tutorial

We have a feel for what it means to have not been able to achieve the body shape,size and look so desired–All because you can't control your Weight. So in this simple weight loss guide,we have passed through very informative guides on how to loose weight:

Dietary Tips or weight loss food

Bad Eating Habits that make you heap on the kilo

Foods for weight loss

Cardio Exercises for weightloss

Other Body workout for weightloss

Useful tips to remember

Diet Tips For Weight loss

weight loss diet tips on how to lose weight

Many factors contributes to the shattered result gotten after series of weight loss routine.While yoy consider going to gym regularly,also think of your diet intake as also important.Ask yourself 'am I eating healthy food that can help me loose weight? am i eating it righly? It could be perhaps,you are not eating it right.But in so many ways,if it has to do with your wrong dietary intake,we've got you covered with few useful dietary tips for weightloss.

Consume smaller portion than usual:

Portion control can help you loose weight as it result in smaller calories intake.When the energy derived from the food used up by your body,are excess-the tendency it got stored as fat in your body so the trick is to consume fewer and not more than your body requires.One way to get this right the pace is to start eating on a little serving.

Cut Down on Processed foods:

Processed foods that are refined and packaged contain not much nutritious facts,but bunch of calories.Processed food can impede the healthy stay of the heart,thereby impeding cardio-exercises to loose weight.

Cut Down on Sugary foods:

sugary foods contain candy bars,chocolates,pastries,cookies,cakes and jelly nuts.And these foods contents contribute to a higher increase in the cholesterol level of the body.which thereby csuses weight gain.
More unfortunately,sugary food drinks are now sold everywhere and in form of soda and sweet drinks. so it is not advisible to consume of it,especially regularly.These drinks are inimical to health;they cause weakness of the bones and joints as well.

Minimize Carbs Intake:

Your body requires carb,but not in overwhelming excess quantity.Refined flours,rice,bread,pasta and sugar contains enough calories and carbs,than the body requires-And can hamper weight loss to achieve this,cut down on the intake of those,and swap your wheat chapatis with bajra,jowa,brown rice or quinoa.

Bad Eating Habits that make you heap on the kilo

A Dehi-based Nutritionist,columnist and author Kavita Devgan shares five eating habits that he refers to as the weight loss culprits.And they are what normally don't consider to be inimical to weight loss routine and exercise.But are key facts that you should eliminate,control and work toward,so as to achieve the aim you so desire.


Majority of the people living with overweight or complete obesity tend to starve themselves in order to loose weight.But it's quite unfortunate that the practise is even one of the factors that impede weight loss control.This is so,because,when you have no food intake,the body defense would rise to action,thereby be prompted to store the remained food nutrients as fat.And that makes weight loss very difficult to achieve.

Skipping Breakfast

When you eat breakfast,you're literally jump-starting metabolism process,which helps burn down fat in the body, therefore doing away with breakfast will actually not help,but to add to your weight.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water intake helps speed up metabolism.And metabolism requires water to burn fat. However, depriving your body of water can actually lead to obesity . By this,even in the colder season,still supply your body daily water intake and in as excessive amount of upto 8 glasses per day.

Not Having any Fruit

Fruits contain some essential elements loaded with fibre to keep you healthy all time.Consuming fruits like Orange,blueberry,strawberry,banana,papaya can help. Have three fruits break everyday,and choose the ones that get you.


Eating bigger meal at a time isn't good idea if you are planning to loose weight.Even when you might have skipped one meal or the other-does not add any positivity to the idea of bogging your body down with big meal. Note that,the more food a body digests at a time,the more it will store as fat.Smaller meals raise the body's thermal effects and so result in a 10% calories burning increase.

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Foods to lose weight in Nigeria

Weight loss food in Nigeria

The weight loss foods that you eat are purely also the basis causes of weight gain and obesity help you chart out a healthy dietary plan that could also add good works to your weight loss goal,we have made a wide selection of low calories,yet nutritious foods that help you loose weight faster but safely:

Green Tea

Green tea as a beverage has many health benefits to the body. It aids digestion and fat burning processes,it calms the nerves Also. If giving a thought of consuming this beverage would serve in diminishing fats stored in the body,Unlike others,A cup of green tea barely has upto 2-3 calories. Which make use of green tea as a bests alternative to coffee and masala chai.

Leafy Greens

Green leafy vegetables are low in calories.They are also has bunch of nutritious facts:Iron,Magnesium,Vitamins etc.since we know the health benefits of these green leafy vegetables,we have to include it advantages also in this weight loss tutorial. So give a try


Cucumber is another source that has very low calories,since its much of water.Itsadvisible to always consume a bowl of this food item to keep you fill before meal.

Bell pepper

Pepper has a compund called capsaicin that helps heat up the burning process of Calories. So to boost your metabolism to burn more fats and calories,include peppers in your diets and experience the effects.

Cardio Exercises for weightloss

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises are activities that work out your heart pumping mechanism,and makes you breathe harder and faster than normal.your large muscle groups are used in this process and in a rythmic motion over a sustainable moment.
Cardio exercise can help increase the capacity of your lung,add strength to the heart and also help in control weight by burning calories at the process,regulate appetite.

Here are Cardio Exercises that will help burn calories fast and control weight:

Brisk walking





Brisk walking:

Brisk walking is a doctor's recommended exercise,that should be performed every morning.Trying this exercise regularly will help keep fits by burning calories in your body,and help you loose weight at the process. It is by far recommended that you complete a weekly brisk walk goal of 2.5 hours..So embarking on just 22 minutes brisk walk daily,would help reach the moderate-intensity exercise.walking does not require any special skill or training;No special equipment,It'sa free exercise and can be done anywhere.


Races like marathons are good example of good cardio workout.Indulging in such weight loss exercise will not only cause you to loose weight,but also get your heart rate up,against heart diseases.Even if that's not included,running as an aerobic exercise helps build the body to gain more stamina andd fits.


Taking a long walk comfortably helps reduce stresses and other form of disrupting pains from the joint can also really help workout the entire body to be flexible,than being bogged down with much weight.


Cycling is one of the eco-friendly ways to burn calories faster and give a perfect tone legs.cycling is not only done on a cycling path or road.Bur are also common ini gym nowadays.You can choose this exercise over any alternative and for better result to be attained,try and increase your cycling time,space and distance.


Swimming is a very enjoyable workout for you.But require swimming skill.This exercise is good in toning your body to shapes;and not just parts of your body,but the entire body is at work, so this help reduce weight as regularly as practised.However though,swimming alone is not enough to make you earn your weight loss goal;It requires other aerobic exercises.Fitness is good for the body,but should be safer ones.

Other Body workout for weightloss

cardio execises for weight loss

Apart from the above listed exercises to help you loose weight, there are many other fun routes you can also add that guarantee optimal result.However,we have listed very few of other workouts that could help give you the fits you want.and they are:


Ritu Malhotra,A noida-based Yoga trainer,coach,and founder of Yoritu affirmed that Yoga is a very good way of loosing weight. It helps in enhancing metabolism,hormal functions and muscles tone-and result in optimal weight loss.Yoga has been in existence for centuries,and its still considered best option for weight loss routine,irrespective of the vast emergence of other look-alike forms of yoga that still promise the same aim.Power yoga is a good work out which involve the mix of cardio and body weight exercise.

Regularly performing yoga is very crucial weigh tloss routine and with it,inch-loss would be visible. So it's all about regular practice,indulgence and of course taking it a prior exercise during your weight loss training.Morealso,regular practise would result in tighter stomach(inconducive for fat storing),higher cheekbones and a more chiselledd jawline.

There are many forms and derivatie workouts from the native yoga...some like Sit-ups and planks are all originated from yoga.for example,Sit back,which is also known as paschimottanasana are more common and perhaps intense in yoga as it requires you,holding the pose for few minutes.Holding this pose for upto five minutes or more would tighten you from within so that stubborn weights on the back,thighsnand/or stomach are reduced.

Some other forms of yoga includes Ashtanga yoga,Hot yoga,yogalates.And all are too good for weight loss and toning.


Crossfit intense workout is generally known for transforming one's body.Although,crossfit itself just like other minor weight loss exercise,can not give the fits you desire.The idea is to combine the routine with other weight loss and weight training for optimal result. to achieve this,start from flipping tyres to doing other full pull-ups,and other exciting weight loss activities.

Useful tips to remember:

There are many useful information we would love to parse along this thread,that would help maintain your weight loss goal going.

Do not attempt to loose all weight at a very short period,as the pricess requires time and continuous activities.

The average weight loss per month should not exceed 5kilo weight. while embarking on this,endeavour to pay attention to close weight monitoring principles.

While making use of weight loss pills,always read reviews,interaction,dose,effects, of the products.And always go organics as possibly as you can.

Do not attempt to consume products that has no authority labels as they are harmful to your health.

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Never skip your weightloss exercise and activities.
even while consuming your organic weight loss supplements.

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