Smoothies for weight gain in Nigeria

Do you need smoothies for weight gain in Nigeria? Good,this article is all about healthy weight gainer smoothies recipes. In Nigeria, you can find these recipes anywhere and in the supermarkets around.

Weight gain is the direct opposite of weight loss–and can be achieved by utilizing weight gainer shakes, pills and tablets. Weight loss on the other end is achieved by consumption of weigh loss tablets, dietary supplements; accompanied  by routine weight loss exercises, and tips to loose weight faster and safely.


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But this post is vividly on weight gainer shakes. So you are going to find explications to the following:-

·       What is weight gainer shakes?

·       Can I safely gain weight using weight gain smoothies?

·       Weight gain smoothies –Nutrition facts and calories

·       How to make weight gainer shakes vegan at home

·       Weight gainer dietary requirements

·       Weight gain smoothies–Ingredients and preparation

·       5 Best weight gain protein powder


What is weight gainer shakes?

Weight gainer shakes are smoothies that contains reasonable quantity of healthy protein and carbohydrates–which are useful to the body's tissues and muscle growths, worn out tissues replacement and general body wellness that results in over all elegant look and posture.

A good and reliable weight gainer shakes is one with little to no sugar concentration; the carb contents should be from natural/organic sources, for optimal health benefits. This will help energize the body through the distribution and maintenance of stipulated dextrose or glycogen level required per body units(cells)

Weight gain shakes or smoothies are perfectly consumed by people who want to gain weight healthily by increasing their daily calories intake and burn down.

In One of our blog post on weight loss tutorials, we cited that “weight loss result comes as the result of calories deficit” And in this very weight gain shakes and smoothies article, the citation is a direct opposite as it contradicts the later thus “weight loss gain would demand calories surplus”–In order to have calories remnant stored in your body. This is to say, you eat more calories than your body consumes.


How to gain weight safely in Nigeria?

If you want to gain weight  safely in Nigeria, it's still not different from other weight gain routine out there. The smoothies for weight gain in Nigeria are made with Nigerian foods

Maintain Calories Surplus:

Just as noted above, making calories available for your body without–burning all; or consuming less calories than your body requires would help in your weight gain goal

Cut down on carb blocker and fat burner diets:

While trying to gain weight, it is advisable not to leverage on carb blocker supplements, as these products are essential for weight loss, and not for weight gain. And they have the capacity of blocking and inhibition the absorption of carb-contents to the body–making it impossible to maintain Calories Surplus.

Consume more of protein:

Proteinous foods are the body builder machinery which are proven to be effective in maintaining and rebuilding tissues. Consuming healthy proteins is a plus for your weight loss journey   



More on Howto lose weight–If you aim at increasing your weight slowly, then aim for foods containing 300-500 calories, more than your burn every day. Roughly, this should result in 0.7-1 pounds weight, gained per week.

And if you want to increase your weight faster, you should aim for 700-1000 calories each day. This should result in 1.7-2 pounds weight gained per week.

Also, remember that exercise is very crucial for life. Never follow bend trends, always make sure you carryout your normal routine exercises regularly while on weight gain diets to make sure that much useless fats are avoided.


Nigerian Smoothies Recipes for Weight Gain

–nutrition facts and calories

A good intensive weight gainer shakes should contain the following Nutrition information;-

How to prepare weight gainer shakes vegan at home

To perfectly make weight gainer smoothie at home, swap out whole milk with soya milk–which is known to contribute up to 10% less than the whole milk per 100ml.

Weight gainer shakes: Dietary requirements

·        Gluten free

·        Vegatarian



·       Blender

Weight gainer smoothie: Ingredients

·        350ml whole milk

·        1 table spoonful peanut butter

·        1 small banana

·        50g weight gain powder


·       700ml whole milk

·       2tbsp peanut butter

·       2 small banana

·       100g weight gain powder


Weight gainer smoothie: Preparation

·       Add all the ingredients into a blender-milk being the first.

·       Add other ingredients and blend until smooth. Then serve


Hope this weight gainer smoothie information helps

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