There has been a consistent rise in conspiracy regarding weight loss food, or foods for weight loss. And people usually ask to know if there exists any food that can cause one to lose weight. If you want to know how to lose weight while still consuming Nigerian foods, that is the reason while you are reading this.

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In this post, we will actually break the conspiracy and skepticism about this trend. We will analyze some low fibre or low calories Nigerian Foods. While mentioning Nigerian weight loss foods, or any other article striving around Nigerian foods for weight loss ­- Fruits are not left out while taking care  of this. For example, the anti-oxidant contained in some of the Nigerian fruits are proven to be helpful in the process of removing free radicals and fluids from the body. And also, in pythochemicals, fruits enzymes like flavones, anthyociacin­-which boost the digestive enzymes to burn down fats effectively producing energy to the body.

Also, in the citrus family for example, they are referred to as ‘Natural fat busters’. This is so because, they don’t contain calorie, for some, it’s of very low proportion‑­-They contain majorly pectin; which helps achieve proper weight loss and reduce belly fat.  Citrus phytochemical compounds also include ascorbic acid and other useful citric acid that aid in proper digestion, and fat breakdown making it possible to achieve weight loss goal.

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Best Nigerian food(s) and fruits for weight loss

Having known this, we are revealing these 25 Nigerian foods for weight loss that you should know. But before that commences, bear in mind that these are no direct remedy to cure obesity, and/or may not cause you to lose weight in casualty; you may need to follow proper meal or diet plan, and of of course Nigerian food time table for weight loss, so you don’t combine fat with fat. And do not place yourself on high calorie foods either.

So without further deliberation, we are dipping into the part you were yearning for­-The 25 best Nigerian foods for weight foods for weight loss.

...Here are the lists of 25 best Nigerian foods for weight loss under different categories;-


1)    Orange

2)    Lime

3)    Lemon

4)    mango

5)    berries

6)    Avocado

7)    Olive

8)    Water melon

9)    Banana

10) pears

11) Apples

12) grape fruit

13) Pineapple

14) paw paw


15)  Cabbage

16) Irish Potatoes

17) cucumber

18) coco-yam

19) chilli pepper

20) broccoli


21) Garlic

22) Ginger

23) Onions

24) Apple cider vinegar

25) dark chocolate


Orange citric fruits contain fat burner compounds including flavone. It’s very good fat-blasting food to try out. It aids in mulching and decomposing food into digestible particles­-this could be made easy by the presence of ascorbic acid in the fruit.

Take for example, the tough moment when you experienced constipation or accumulation of gas in your stomach­-when you’re advised by your doctor to eat orange. In any area where there’s no doctor, this method is widely used. That’s to proof the potency of oranges, and citric acid present in them.

This fruit helps in fat loss and weight loss and is recommended to include in your weight loss meal plan. Clinical nutrition study case of the American study case noted that ‘women who consumed the most flavones had a much lower increase in body fat over a period of 14 years’.


This fruit is a widely known citrus­-somewhat smaller and sharper-tasting than lemon. It helps detoxifies the body, lower cholesterol by the defending fat accumulation in the body. This process is made possible through the various antioxidants present in the fruits. It also has the ability to boost the digestive enzyme ‘pepsin’.


Lemon is a multipurpose healthy fruit. It works in so many dimensions­-people that prepare native anti-malaria recipes can relate. Lemon when used as aid to weight loss prevents Oedema­- through it’s ability to fight against water/fluid retention in the tissues. With lemon, you can easily burn stubborn fat and achieve a flatter stomach.

The best part of this food is that it contains a slight soluble fibre, which make you feel full all day long. And it’s calorie-free. By this, there be no tendency of calorie surplus, as you ain’t consuming much


Trust me, the secret of mango in weight loss goal is found in the phytochemicals found outside of the fruit. And according to Australian researchers, these compounds act as natural fat busters, and it’s recommended.

In the US where mango isn’t rampant(if not unavailable), It is sold as commercial weight loss supplement. You can include this in your food plan. But it’s always advisable not to take any food in over-dose as too much of anything is a disease.


These tiny but wonderful fruits are over-looked by many weight loss food instructors. But trust me, you reading this now­-Studies have shown that berries are full of antioxidants ‘Anthocyanin’ which has the ability to alter gene in fat cells, making it harder to gain weight.

Berries are also very low in calorie. So whenever you feel like having yourself some nice and juicy foods, consider reaching up to strawberries, blueberries, or even grapes; and it won’t cause you any harm. You can buy this fruits from some of the major supermarkets in Nigeria. Or you can place order online and get it delivered to your door steps.


weight loss food and salad condiments for a healthy nutrition

Even when not mentioned, avocado should be considered one of the best Nigerian foods for weight loss, due to presence of high quality monounsaturated fatty acids which can shrink belly fat effectively.

This fruit is naturally enriched with healthy nutritious facts, mineral, vitamins that keeps life going. It’s a good composition of salad. Try it and thank me later.


There’s one important thing about olive, or olive oil­-Oil from olive plant you didn’t know. But before I tell you, that hope you are asking yourself questions like ‘do they eat olive oil’? Yeah, people believe olive oil is only meant for prayer and deliverance­-that it’s not for food. But that’s not  true; olive is edible fat. You may also ask ‘Is it safe to consume fat and oil while trying to lose weight? The answer will shock you, and will explain everything while olive is included as one of the weight loss foods, or food that can make you reduce belly fat. To explain the assent, extra virgin olive is one of the healthiest fats known. But being fat, it can still help you burn fat. Really? Yes, serious. How? Okay, here’s how it goes­-Olive oil contains high amount of oleic acid­-­-A naturally occurred chemical which aid in the break down of fat in  the body. It poly-unsaturated fats contained in this oil can delay hunger as well.

So it is advisable you start cooking your dishes with this healthy oil. It will help you at the process of trying to lose weight.


Hello our dear readers! If you are reading our blog and this very post 25 best Nigerian foods for weight loss, it will be a plus for you in the area of nutritious information of foods as we are giving out free PDF file that contains over 100 healthy Nigerian foods and their calorie contents. This e-Book will let you know which and which not to consume, and the determine consumption level could be met from your end.

Back to the matter. Did you know that half slice of watermelon contains twice as much potassium as the total of other fruits like banana and the rest? Note that, any fruit that has high potassium cannot contain high calorie.

Potassium is a detoxifier that helps remove excess fluids from the body. Pay attention to this­-Eat good quantity of watermelon and notice vast number of time you are likely to urinate, and notice also that the fluids passed out during the day exceed the total juice contents of the fruit plus the total quantity of water consumed for the day.

How about it’s digestive enzyme? It helps counter constipation or fat congestion in the stomach. It replaces artificial sugar also. In fact, watermelon is a very useful food with benefits that I cannot using all my fingers, toes and teeth.


Banana, just like watermelon contributes vastly to weight loss. People do take the contrary belief that banana is causes weight gain. However though, depending on the quantity consumed­-the result is determined. Note that this fruit is also contained in weight gain smoothies recipes.

But the unpopular truth is that banana contains a lot of potassium, zinc for skin healing and fibre filling/ artificial sugar replacement. And the high potassium content of it, helps your body fight water/ fluid retention.


Pears contain high quantity of natural fruit sugar­-pectin, which  study  has shown to help suppress appetite and support healthy digestion.


Apple is one of the best known healthiest fruits in Nigeria, and of course all over the globe. The needs to include apples in your meal shouldn’t be over-emphasized. This food helps in nourishing the body, and also of general digestive functions.

Apples contain appetite suppressant formula which has shown by researchers that eating a whole fruit with your meal, instead of the juice will help keep away from appetite stimulation. The lesser  calorie you consume, the higher your weight loss result. Don’t forget to join exercises with useful weight losspills.


Eating grape is one of the best-to-do if you are yearning to give your body the best and perfect fit and posture. Eating this fruit is a very good mechanism for metabolism, and can cause your body system to burn fat easily.

Grape is also very useful when it comes to the business of glycerol/blood sugar balancing­-it contains a fibre content which helps in the process

More also, If you don’t want to overeat, eating grape at about 30 minutes to your proper meal, may cause you to have the feel of fullness and may decide to eat less, so as not to increase calories beyond as expected.


Pineapple is a very useful and of course healthy food...this stead is very rampant in Nigeria, and it’s also sighted as one of the best Nigerian food for weight loss. It’s high in natural fruit sugar just like pawpaw and banana. The fructose which is one of the compounds present in pineapple is very helpful in kicking off artificial dextrose, and replace them.

More on this,

Pineapple can also boost a digestive enzyme to carryout safe digestion. It settles the stomach and keep it in a normal state of wellness, and it’s also helpful in relieving heart burn.


Did you know that much protein in the body can and even impede your weight loss goal? Yeah, the rate at which you can achieve the business of giving yourself a perfect fits and posture can be altered by the presence of much resistant protein in the body. This is so because protein in a body builder, and much of it, cause over weight and/or obesity.

But what happens when you place yourself on this healthy food ‘pawpaw’ read on as you will contend to how papaya can cause the magic you’ve never given any though.

...pawpaw contains a naturally occurred enzyme ‘papain’. This digestive enzyme focuses on protein breakdown and digestion­-which makes it possible or easy to obtain a bloating and flattening stomach.


Cabbage is rich vegetable high in ascorbic and antioxidants. It’s very low in calories. So consuming this will help nourish your body while maintaining a simple calories level. You can freely make use of cabbage and it won’t alter your weight loss goal.


This vegetable just like cabbage, contains just 30 calories per serving. It doesn’t negatively affect you and the fit you are trying to keep.

So, this vegetable shouldn’t be under-looked; it’s rich in calcium and also helps the body fight against cancer. So you can steam this broccoli(not cooking nor boiling) before eating, if you care to do so, otherwise can be served raw.


Are you wondering what makes potato (starch, and sugary food) useful in weight loss?

Now read this, in one of our research on foods and their nutritious facts, we have been able to find out that the starchy contents of irish potatoes are healthy enough to help the people feel satisfied, ready to consume very low calories food for sometimes while the healthy resistible fibre contents of potatoes last.

Consuming potatoes in a proper proportion is equally very good and better than the bread you use on your morning meal­-as it’s a natural source of healthy starch. So despite the carbs contained in it, it’s quite not a bitter bit to your weight loss goal.

Therefore, cook your irish potatoes (don’t fry it with oil, in order not to multiply fats accumulation in the body), use it to replace the white bread breakfast, since it’s noted to be three times healthily better than the slices of the white bread you’ve been using­-and which contains artificial sugar and irresistible fats/carbs­-unlike irish potatoes.


Sweet potato is very useful food, and is a rich source of vitamins. This food is one of the best Nigerian foods, in fact, it’s one of the best in the planet. Sweet potato is good for diabetic patients to consume, instead of garri, and/or other heavy starchy foods.

The name ‘sweet’ is only applied to the taste it possesses. But in phytochemical, it’s is reported to contain blood sugar regulating compounds, which cause it to replace artificial sugar with it’s healthy and unharmed natural sugar.


There is this compound called ‘capsiacin’, it’s a substance present in chilli pepper which helps burn down fats and reduce appetite.

Adding chilli pepper to your meal can make your body to benefits from the effects of  chilli pepper’s capsiacin and can help you lose weight.

Chilli pepper is known all over the earth and is even sold in form of supplements. And it’s also a common or primary ingredient in various weight loss supplements.

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A single chilli pepper contains a good number of beta-carotene; which is great in maintaining healthy hair, nails, and skin when consumed.

It also contains vitamin C­- an essential antioxidant for fighting toxins in the body, and can also boost and stimulate other fat burning and digestive enzymes.


Cucumber is one of the best vegetables so far­-­-even a child can relate. It’s low in calorie and rich in fibre which fills your your tummy. Consume any amount of cucumber as you feel, and your healthy looking posture will amaze you.

Therefore, whether you are undergoing weight loss routine exercises or relying on weight loss tablets, kindly support the practice with cucumber, or you can add it to your salads. Also, cucumber contains full antioxidant compound ‘apigenin and quercetin’ which help thrive against cancer, and also lower the risk of cardiac diseases.


Garlic is definitely the best when it comes to maintaining a  flatter tummy, and it’s healthy. It contains a naturally occurring compound ‘allacin’ which when consumed, reacts with the white blood cells and create a toxin-battling and antioxidant products which is very much capable of kicking off various harmful bacterial and viruses harbored by the body and other systems of the body.

You can get the best from this natural fat burner and weight loss spice by adding it to your light meal, and would very good taking in an empty bowel as well(that is, taking before or with breakfast)

With the above mentioned Nigerian foods for weight loss, it’s possible we assumed that you have earned more knowledge about weight loss foods for Nigerians and even all over the regions where these foods are available.

It nice reading from this, kindly refer back to this blog ‘www.weightlosstablets.com.ng’ for more information regarding weight loss.







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